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At HIX, we measure quality by the response from our end-user customers. These are the people who put our machines, equipment, and accessories to work every day for the benefit of their customers and their business. No true measurement of quality can be justified by any company without the input of our customers and distributors.

As the HIX Corporation continues to expand and develop new products, we are always mindful and considerate that the products we have already placed into the market are holding up, working well, and ready to meet the needs of our customers. As we go forward, we will always pause to look back.

Our company history goes back some 50+ years when the HIX brothers started their new business venture in a small service station garage in Pittsburg, KS. It was 1963 and the world was rapidly moving forward. Beatlemania was sweeping the globe, the Dodgers defeated the Yankees in the World Series, NASA had just started the design of their new Apollo program, and the HIX brothers designed and produced their first Textile Conveyor Dryers. Since then, HIX has grown into one of the top manufacturers of textile and food equipment worldwide.

The two brothers would go on to develop many more products for the graphic printing industry, including their first semi-automatic heat transfer machine. For the next 26 years, HIX brothers would continue to develop new and innovative products to serve the graphic printing industry.

In 1989, the business was sold to our current owners, and the name HIX remained as the brand icon that has become world renown in the graphic printing community. With new ownership came even more innovation. HIX rapidly expanded our line of Heat Transfer Machines to incorporate a larger platen surface to accommodate our customers. Along with screen-printing equipment, HIX also merged into the Industrial Oven and Commercial Food Equipment business. Today, HIX products can be purchased worldwide through distribution networks.

HIX has become recognized as a world leader in the design, development, and distribution of equipment for the Screen Print, Industrial Dryer, and Commercial Food Equipment industries. Still located in Pittsburg, KS, our team of over 250 employees and our 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility works to keep our products truly Made in America.

You can buy from HIX with confidence, knowing that our engineering team designs and develops your chosen product with state-of-the-art CAD systems and manufactures it with pride and craftsmanship in the U.S.A.

Quality by Design

Experienced HIX craftsmen (and women) utilize rigid quality control standards to build our products one at a time. By having a completely integrated facility, which includes aluminum foundry, milling machinery, welding, and metal fabrication capabilities, HIX can ensure consistent manufacturing control and performance.

All units are fully tested before shipping to ensure years of trouble free service.

Customer Service is a Top Priority at HIX

We are only as good as our people. Our customer service representatives are trained in the very factory we build our products, and they have also worked in the field using and servicing HIX products. Their years of experience and commitment are the best in the business. We are ready to serve you before, during, and after the sale.

Throughout the years, the emphasis of the company has remained on quality, innovation, and service, both in the US domestic and the international market. HIX products are currently represented in 60 countries worldwide.