HIX Heat Transfer Accessories

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HIX Heat Press Equipment Stand

HIX Shirt Splitter Stand

The HIX Shirt Splitter Stand is the handiest device for printing multiple panels on the same garment.

The HIX Shirt Splitter Stand is built in a cantilever profile, providing the transfer machine with the capability to press only one side of a shirt while its other side hangs safely underneath the lower platen. It works well for garments where pockets, zippers, or other assemblies cannot allow for a flat surface when laying fully onto the lower platen. It is ideal for use with sublimation applications and prohibiting the dye to migrate to other parts of the garment or to the shirt’s back. The Shirt Splitter Stand can be ordered at the time of a new transfer machine purchase, or later to retrofit existing equipment. It fits only the HT400/600, S450/650 models built after 2012, and is equipped with a folded sheet metal base.
The Splitter Stand works very well in combination with the pad protector as this allows the operator to easily slide shirts on and off the machine, but also turn them front-to-back with a simple sleight of hand. This way, back and front of the shirt can be independently transferred on, without images and colors migrating or interfering .

HIX Specialty Replacement Platen

The HIX Specialty Replacement Platen allows for easy printing on a variety of smaller subjects such as headbands, shoes, socks, umbrellas, wristbands, etc. It’s a great tool for printing on small or irregular surfaces when the size of the standard lower platen does not accommodate properly for the job. It’s also perfect for printing on parts of the garment such as pockets or sleeves (especially when shirt buttons or other shirt constructions are in the way).

• Provides much greater versatility to existing press.
• Consists of 4 smaller-shaped mini-platens built as part of one lower platen assembly.
• Multi-directional: i.e. can be installed in a north-south or a south-north direction, depending which size of mini-platen you wish to work on.
• Overall platen size is 15 x 15”. The 4 mini-platens, in pairs, measure 6 x 5” and 3.5 x 3.5”.
• It fits only the HT400/600, S450/650 models.

HIX Pad Protector (HTM Accessories)

The HIX Pad Protector provides a faster load and unload of garments. It protects the rubber pad from wear and stains and increases the life of the rubber pad. It also allows smooth movement for positioning the product and transfer. It provides a non-sticking, easily cleaned work surface.

• 15” x 15” Deluxe
• 16″ x 20″ Deluxe

HIX PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Sheets (HTM Accessories)

HIX PTFE Sheets eliminate scorching on products. They help keep transfers from sticking while minimizing ink and dust from transfers and garments. They allow users to gang multiple transfers, and prevent dyes in colored garments from staining the heat platen.

Sizes: 15” x 15” and 16” x 20”.

HIX Cap Platens for Heat Transfer Machines

Never stretch or wrinkle another cap! HIX Cap Platens are designed to fit our B-250, P-250, and B-250D cap transfer machines. Our platens come in various sizes and can be used for pressing low-profile, full crown, oversized, and low-crown caps and hats. They are perfect for youth, golf, and ball cap sizes. Interchangeable Cap Platens are easy to use and help expand your heat transfer capabilities and create custom imprints. They provide a clean, professional finish.

HIX EZ Glide Shuttle for Heat Transfer Machines

The HIX EZ Glide Shuttle for Heat Transfer Machines significantly increases production! Twin-padded lower castings glide easily under the heat head for increased pressing speed for use with the air automatic N-880 heat transfer machine. The EZ Glide Shuttle allows the operator to lay out the next project while the other one is still transferring, significantly increasing the production output by providing two work stations. It easily mounts into existing holes already provided with the HIX N-880 machines.
Highly recommended with this attachment is the PTFE coated pad protector to reduce wear-and-tear on the machine’s silicone pad.
The EZ Shuttle includes the entire Shuttle assembly as well as the extra lower padded casting.
This device works best with T-shirts and other textile or non-textile substrates less than 1/8” thick.

HIX Cube Attachment for Heat Transfer Machines

HIX Cube Attachment for Heat Transfer Machines let you imprint square items such as photo cubes or memo paper cubes. This attachment makes set-up easy! Our Cube Attachment is designed exclusively for use with our FH-3000 specialty press.

• 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ maximum cube area
• Easily interchangeable

HIX Water Separation Trap

The HIX Water Separation Trap is an integral component of your automated press equipment. When you use compressed air equipment to drive your automatic heat transfer press, condensation will build up in your air hoses. The trap filters and prohibits water from building up and possibly damaging your system. This is where the Water Separation Trap comes in! This is for use with the HIX N-680 and N-880 automatic air heat transfer machines.