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Since 1963, HIX has been the leader in curing screen printing inks and solvents on garments with our dryers. Our expertise with this process has put HIX years ahead of the competition and made us the only real choice when it comes to effectively curing water-based inks in an electric drying system. HIX electric dryers combine the right mix of infrared energy and forced hot convection air to evaporate water and cure ink from water-based screen-print and ink jet inks. Cure direct-to-garment inks with our heat press, Verticure drawer, or conveyor ovens.

The HIX Made in the U.S.A. Manufacturing Process
Every HIX oven is totally designed, engineered, and manufactured at our Midwestern factory. Many manufacturers build dryers, even standard models, on a very limited schedule. Each dryer in effect becomes a custom unit. HIX has attacked manufacturing costs in every way possible while maintaining rigid standards of dryer quality and utility, which will not be compromised. Batch production, combined with well-documented assembly line techniques, enable HIX to standardize the manufacturing of our dryers. Basic technology is shared by all models. Applied expertise ensures that each dryer off the line is, in essence, precision built by our experts.

HIX Premier Dryers carry the ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) seal of conformance. The ETL, recognized throughout the world, requires safety and electrical standards and regular unannounced “in plant” inspections even more rigorous than UL. European Premier Dryers also carry the “CE” mark required for export into most European countries. Interior walls of the oven are fabricated from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel to resist attack from fumes, solvent vapor, and moisture released from substrates and ink. HIX manufactures eleven different standard size infrared heat panels. We build the correct size and wattage element for each size dryer we make. Other manufacturers must compromise dryer size to match the limited selection on infrared panels from outside sources. All heater element lead wire is “A” nickel with MGT (Mica, Glass, Teflon) insulation rated at 1000°F (538°C) for safe, long, trouble-free service. The exclusive HIX dual thermocouple temperature sensors on each temperature control (on Premier oven lengths 5 feet and longer) minimize temperature fluctuations caused by incoming and outgoing belt loads. All HIX dryers are well-insulated for maximum energy efficiency. This extra cost is paid for month after month in lower energy consumption. Finally, all NP Micro Dryers are equipped with Chemfab premium TCN Fiberglass conveyor belts for long life.

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