Gas Dryers

HIX makes 4 standard sizes of gas dryers, as well as any custom size. Standard sizes are a small size 36” as well as the larger 48”, 60” and 72” belt width, with oven lengths of 6’ and 11’ respectively. Infeed and exit belt length can easily be customized.
Electric Dryers

HIX offers two types of electric dryers: the VS-series for start-up shops needing plastisol curing only, as well as the Premier-series for larger shops with a need for curing/drying of plastisol, waterbase, discharge and DTG inks
SubliPro Ovens

The HIX SubliPro series is designed for drying/curing/sublimating on non-textile substrates such as drinkware. The units include a heating chamber followed by a passage under a cooling tower for easy handling and packaging at the exit end.
Flash Cure Units

HIX offers 2 models of flash cure drying equipment: a low-cost all-manual model and an automatic energy-saving models. Both models manufactured with HIX-manufactured proprietary Infra-Red elements and adjustable stands.

HIX Dryer Buying Guide

HIX Dryer Buying Guide

Before you buy, get the facts.

Don’t spend more than you should, but don’t skimp on what you need. The right dryer can make all the difference in your production output and success. We are here to help you determine the best dryer for your business. HIX has over 20 dryer options, and our goal is to narrow this down and find you a dryer that fits.

Find a Distributor
Buying drying equipment can be a challenge. Finding the right dryer to fit your needs is essential to your production capabilities and business success. Bigger is not always better. An Authorized HIX Distributor can help guide you through the decision process and support you after the sale.

Gas or Electric
You will need to determine which is right for your needs. You may already have an existing gas unit, but what you really need is electric to meet your ink drying requirements and production capabilities. An Authorized HIX Distributor will help to determine which path to go.

Production Output
Production capabilities are how dryers are measured. The wider and longer the belt, the more heating capacity, all go into factoring production output. There are also many other factors to be considered, such as airflow, air zone and textiles vs. non-textiles.

Types of Inks and Substrates

Plastisol and waterbase are the most common inks used in the graphic printing industry. Not all dryers can effectively and efficiently dry both these ink products. HIX offers dryers that dry only Plastisols and dryers that cover both.

Analog or Digital Temperature Control
The lower cost electric dryers will use analog temperature controls. This is just a way to keeping the cost down on select units. The more advanced technology dryers will offer digital temperature controls. Digital allows the operator to set an exact temperature and maintain that temperature throughout the production run.

Determine the Dryer Series
HIX offers several dryer series: Gas- HG and BG Series and Electric- E & EA, BEII and NPII. SupliPro Sublimation and Verticure. Within each series are various dryer options that range from belt width and length, to specific features such as digital controls and airflow options. Please review the series that fits your specific category of requirements.

The HIX Dryer Number System
The HIX numbering system is very simple. The alpha code: HG or BG are Gas Dryer Products. E and E/A are Electrical Economy Class Dryers. BEII and NPII are more advanced electrical dyers.
The numerical code: first two numbers such as: 24/36/48 refer to the dryer belt width.
The last two numbers: 8/10/12—20 refer to the dryer belt length.

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