HIX Halux 1200 Exposure Unit

The Halux 1200 is HIX’s Answer to the Needs of the Modern Production Shop

  • The HIX Halux 1200 features the “Hot Restrike” metal halide lamp which eliminates mechanical curtains that frequently malfunction and need lubrication. This system’s idling feature eliminates warm-up time between exposures and saves energy. The HIX Halux 1200 also features a point light source projection to ensure precise exposures and the elimination of light scatter. This unit delivers in other vital areas – including a deep draw blanket for excellent art-to-screen contact and digital timer control for precise exposure of halftones and fine line art. The 28″ x 46″ total exposure area can accommodate screens as large as 24″ x 42″ (or two side-by-side screens of 21″ x 24″).

    HIX Exposure Units are built on years of experience and quality. The speed of Ultra High-Intensity Metal Halide from the HIX Halux 1200 allows you to get from the art room to the printing press quickly, easily, and affordable. The single point metal halide light source holds fine lines and dots and produces better halftone images – providing clean, accurate exposures.

    Our powerful 1200W metal halide lamp warms up in less than one minute. This “Hot Restrike” feature eliminates warming time between exposures, saving electricity and extending bulb life. No assembly required.

    • 1200W metal halide lamp
    • Hot restrike eliminates shutters
    • 24” x 42” exposure area
    • Safety vacuum interlock
    • Filtered air removes heat and keeps dust out
    • Deep draw blanket
    • Premium oil-less vacuum pump

    • 120V/60Hz: 20A, 2400W
    • 220V/50Hz: 10A, 2400W

  • Halux 1200 Manual
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