Heat Transfer Machines

S-650 Heat Transfer Machines
Clamshell Models

For the growing shop that is ready to move up and support higher demand, we offer the auto-opening HIX S-450 and S-650 clamshell heat presses. These heat transfer machines offer automatic release that will dramatically support your operators’ needs. For advanced shops that are in high-traffic zones, we recommend our HIX N-680 and N-880 Air-automatic heat presses. With the assistance of compressed air, your press will be easier to operate – saving time and minimizing operator fatigue.

Swingman 15 Heat Transfer Machines
Swing-Away Models

The HIX SwingMan 15 & 20E units are the most reliable machines in a start-up or low budget category. The SwingMan 20 & 25 offer new touch screen technology and a larger platen surface. The SwingMan 20 Twin & 25 Twin are available for those shops that are focused on high-output production.

LF-4464 Large Format Sublimation Press
Specialty Models

With our HMW III Mug Wrap and any oven, you’re now in the mug business! The HIX B-250 Cap Press is the only machine you need to imprint any cap. Our HIX FH-3000 press is designed to quickly and easily imprint paper cubes and photo cubes. Plus, both units now have touch screen technology. In today’s world, you must include garment care instructions on the shirts you produce and sell. With the HIX R45T (R2R Press), you can imprint care labels quickly and efficiently.