HIX Announces New Changes to Heat Transfer Machines

May 2015, Pittsburg, KS
Today HIX Corporation, global leader in heat transfer machine design and production, announced several changes to their line of heat transfer press machines. “These changes will dramatically effect the way our customers use our products,” says Mark Yerrick, President of HIX Corporation. “We have updated our units to provide the utmost in safety and performance, and the quality changes reflect our dedication to the graphics industry.”

In response to the market demand for more user-friendly and consumer-accessible products, we have redesigned the look of our equipment from the traditional straight-line mechanical design to a more stylish eye-pleasing, powder-coated curvature.

To accommodate the new generation of intuitive-command graphic interface users, we have also equipped all digital machines with touch-screen technology. At the same time, we have put multiple previously inaccessible functions in the hands of the end-user, such as single-cycle or multiple cycle preset parameters, Celsius/Fahrenheit toggle, pressure readout, etc. Most production lines have now switched over to the new designs with the air-automatic N-880 to follow in a few weeks.