HIX Large Format Sublimation Press LF 4464

2018 SGIA Product of the Year: Finishing – Heat Press (large format, roll or clam)

For large format sublimation.

  • The HIX LF-4464 large format sublimation press is the first in a series of large format presses specifically designed for sublimating on non-textile as well as the textile substrates.

    The LF-4464 large format sublimation press from HIX uses edge-to-edge heating element technology to utilize nearly the entire 44″ x 64″ platen and increase your throughput. More platen coverage means more capability. The LF-4464 sublimation press is designed to handle a wide variety of materials with superior results. Substrates include synthetic textiles for all-over printing, any sublimation-ready aluminum photographic sheets, MDF and glass plates, any flat plastic substrates up to five inches thick.

    The HIX LF-4464 is a pneumatic press with a 44 x 64” single or dual lower platen.

    • Made of high-end materials as well as full-platen covering heating elements, resulting in very equal heat distribution and perfect color-consistency on any substrate, allowing for transfer process up to the very edges of the working platens.
    • 360⁰ access to lower platen, allowing large printable products (such as awnings or large textile signs) to be safely tucked away while printing on parts of its surface.
    • Height-adjustable lower platens, allowing for wide variety of substrate thicknesses (up to 5”).
    • Superior quality transfers on both non-textile and textile substrates.
    • Simultaneous preparation of substrates while working independently on both platens (dual platen option);
    • Safety features provide proper hand protection for operators.
    • High-efficiency heat insulation for safety and reduced energy consumption.

  • LF 4464
  • LF-4464 Solo & Twin Manual