HIX Mug Wraps

HIX Mug Wraps

Sublimating with HIX is a “SNAP” with Snap Wraps!

For sublimation to occur, a dye needs to be heated in order to sublimate into a gas. Pressure is needed to create a proper contact with the substrate and to ensure a detailed definition of the final image.

Traditional mug presses combine both compression and heating in one device. The advantage of the HIX Mug Wrap is that it separates those two actions: the wrap provides the pressure, while an external source (kitchen convection oven or industrial size SubliPro Oven) provides the heat. This avoids the accelerated wear-and-tear on a mug press’s heater band.

To sublimate on a small scale, the use of a small kitchen-style convection oven (such as the commercially available Breville BOV-800XL) works well. This size oven can hold 4 mugs, allowing the customer to print about 16 mugs per hour.

HIX Mug Wraps
An ever-growing variety of containers, vessels, mugs, cups, bottles, and glasses are creating a sudden rise in sublimation equipment. As an inexpensive and more flexible alternative to a mug press, HIX developed the Mug Wrap.

Our wraps provide a quick snap-on solution. Simply position and tape your artwork to virtually any type vessel. Then, wrap the vessel and artwork with the fitting HIX “Snap” Wrap. That’s it! You are ready to sublimate!!

The advantage of the HIX “Snap” Wrap is its patented tool-less clasping technology. No other mug wrap on the market is as easy to apply or remove. There’s no fumbling with awkward closing mechanism or wrenches, and no need for extra hands when you’re trying to juggle endless adjustments while closing a clamp with screwdrivers or other tools.

HIX “Snap” Wraps open and close with a simple “snap.” The unique locking mechanism is simple. Securely close the wrap while providing a snug fit for the artwork on the substrate. Substrates, artwork and wraps are now ready to be sublimated (see reverse) in a small kitchen-style convection oven or a larger commercial conveyer belt oven!

Wrap Styles
HIX “Snap” Wraps can come in as many sizes and shapes as there are substrates in the market. For the standard straight 11oz and 15oz white mugs, HIX has a standard wrap which is readily available as part of its standard product stock. Similarly, standard dog bowl wraps are also available from regular stock. Any standard wrap may be purchased in bundles of a minimum of 10 units.

Custom Wraps
An ever-growing variety of containers, vessels, mugs, cups, bottles and glasses are creating a rise in demand for Wraps to match.

HIX has designed a unique custom wrap product, allowing the customer to assist in the development of the finished product. First, the customer submits the substrate to be sublimated to HIX. Upon receipt, a prototype wrap, along with quantity pricing, is created and returned to the customer for approval. This process generally takes place within a month.

Upon placing the first quantity order, the customer is credited the original development cost. The customer receives the full volume pricing benefit starting with the very first wrap ordered without ultimately needing to shoulder the original development costs.

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