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The HIX Made in the U.S.A. Manufacturing Process

• Every HIX screen printing press is totally designed, engineered, and manufactured at our Midwestern factory.
•The HIX “tool-less” Premier Manual Rotary Printer upper print heads, rotary wheels, print arms, and optional shirt boards – all made from HIX exclusive cast aluminum alloy.
• All castings are made from permanent steel cavity molds to ensure dimensionally consistent tolerances on all components.
• Floor model and bench model structural components are made from welded .250″ gauge steel tubing.
• The center shaft is made of hardened 1075 alloy solid bar stock that is welded into the steel vertical support stand.
• Both upper and lower rotary wheels are centered on the shaft with independent sets of tapered roller bearings, allowing the free movement of both upper and lower units as well as superb stability.
• An adjustable center nut allows periodic adjustments to compensate for any wear that may occur.
• Screen frame clamps and cross-tubes are made from steel. These parts are zinc plated for easy clean up and maintenance.
• Easy-turn, spring-loaded adjusters make loading and removing screens a cinch.

To allow the modular interchangeable feature of the print heads and print arms, precision casting and millwork are essential in the manufacturing process. Our in-house aluminum foundry uses state-of-the-art cavity mold casting equipment. The parts then move to computer-controlled CNC milling machines where we maintain the tightest ± tolerances in the industry. With this manufacturing approach, we can offer consistent interchangeable parts that allow modular construction and expandability with a precision fit.


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