Screen Printing Made Easy

From art to screen prep and exposure, from press setup to printing, you too can master the art of screen-printing. HIX makes it easy, fun and profitable. Our simple to use, easy to understand training manuals with accompanying DVDs will enhance your knowledge and help give you the confidence to make great images through screen printing.

Here is what you get:
1 set of 3 lesson guides & 5 DVDs.

Our individual study guides are built around 3 areas of expertise.
1. Art Preparation
2. Screen Preparation and Exposure
3. The Screen Printing Process

All publications are in full color. We walk you through the guide step by step, starting with the featured lesson and objective, and then we outline the Tasks, Material and Supplies required, Vocabulary, and Outside Reading Reference. Our DVDs follow the lesson guides – even the guide book photos are the same as the DVD. At the end of each lesson is a short quiz. There are 35 lessons in all, and 114 pages filled with screen-printing expertise.

Our 1st Guide & DVD takes you through 48 pages of Art Basics using the computer to create a graphic though color separation.

Our 2nd Guide & 2 DVDs on Screen Preparation and Exposure is 35 pages and covers exposure and washout, as well as screen preparation and image alignment.

Our 3rd Guide & DVD takes you through 31 pages of step-by-step instructions from taping/preparing your screen for ink loading, registering the screens, and on to printing through clean up.

These easy to use study guides follow the DVDs page by page so you can learn at your own pace.

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