HIX Testimonial-customer

When it comes to measuring performance, nothing speaks better for your products and company than the people who actually buy and use your products. Over the years, our products have introduced us to many friends who have shared their opinions, thoughts, and sometimes criticism with us. No one is perfect, but we can honestly say that through the communication with our end-user customers and our distributors, we have worked to make our products better and even more innovative – all with the goal of making our customers’ lives easier.

  • “I have four HIX heat transfer machines for my mobile T-shirt business. For the past 12 years, I have carted these machines all across the country, from Melbourne to Sydney, from Brisbane to Birdsville, across the desert to Perth and back. All I can say is that they have never let me down.”
    -Novelty T-Shirts – Australia

    “I wanted to drop a personal note to you regarding the purchase of our new C-800 high production heat transfer machine. One word describes it perfectly – FANTASTIC! Our production is up 10% daily, which translates into quick profit. My operator has praised the ease of operating this machine constantly. I am looking forward to purchasing more.”
    -George Vizzacchero – Harrison, NJ

    “I have used HIX heat transfer machines and would not want to use any other brand of heat press. I know I have the top of the line in machines available. They are durable and last forever.”
    -Joyce Jackson – Hutchinson, KS

    “We were at a Christmas show and as I was going down the steps I dropped my HT-400 heat press. I was sure the press would never work again because it fell on the steps and bounced to the ground. When we got home, I plugged it in and there was nothing wrong with it at all. The little difference in cost is well worth the quality of HIX equipment.”
    -Betty Lou Santmire – Indianapolis, IN

    “The HIX HT-400 heat press is a workhorse. I have used it for 21 years and I have only had to change thermostats and a simple set of links.”
    -Castulo Barreto – Puerto Rico

    We have used the HIX cap transfer press for over five years for both caps and bags. The machine has proven itself to be durable, reliable, and easy to use. I would not hesitate in recommending HIX heat presses to anyone looking for a great machine that will last them for years to come.”
    -Gary Meadows – Largo, FL

    “Out of all the machines I have used, HIX is the best.”
    -Georgee Fussell

    “I have had a HT-400 heat transfer machine since 1975 and it works perfectly. HIX equipment takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”
    -Milton Chuck

    “All of the HIX equipment that we have used has been superior. I have HIX hat presses that are 10-12 years old that work day in and day out.”
    -Robert Gile – Fort Worth, TX

    “The HIX heat transfer machines I bought from you have empowered me to realize my dream of setting up a lifetime business.”
    -Chief Roberts – Nigeria

    “Our company has been using the HIX air-operated heat transfer press for the last 7 years, and we have been very happy with the reliability of the machine.”
    -Jim Cain – Nashville, TN

    “Six years ago, I chose to be a HIX distributor because they had the reputation as the maker of the best transfer machines on the market. Since that time, we have sold hundreds of the various models of HIX machines. We have also logged hundreds of man hours operating these machines. We still believe that HIX machines are the best transfer presses that you can buy anywhere!”
    -Dewey Barber

    “We are pleased with the HIX customer/technical service department. They are very helpful and informative. We have three N-640 machines in production. The machines are dependable and easy to operate according to our production team. Overall, HIX is a top quality company.”
    -Annette Sharratt – Cambridge, MN

    “HIX is great! We have always been able to work well with them.”
    -Cindy Black – Lynch, NE

    “HIX Flock transfers are the best. They are much, much better than all the rest. Use HIX Flock and they guarantee no problem with their stock, and that suits me to a T.”
    -Grace Moran – St. Louis, MO

    “I want to thank HIX for all of the help they have given me over the past 12 years. It has been a pleasure doing business with HIX and the great employees that have been so good to work with. HIX has been a great asset to my business.”
    -Ron Dickinson – Clovis, NM

    “HIX has been a pleasure to deal with. Our Flock transfer orders have been handled professionally and in a timely fashion. You have been terrific in helping us meet unexpected deadlines. We look forward to continuing our relationship with your company.”
    -Lynn Sustak – Atlanta, GA

    “I’ve been working with HIX for several years and they have been great. They are patient with large and small orders. The customer service is great. HIX Flock transfers are superior to other Flock vendors that I have worked with. Can’t beat the prompt turnaround on custom orders. Overall HIX gets high ratings.”
    -Bobby Friese – Chicago, IL

    “The HIX service department is the most incredible that I have ever worked with. I couldn’t be happier.”
    -Ron Rucker – Vancouver, WA

    “Just a note to let you know of our satisfaction with the HIX cap transfer machine. We haven’t had any repair costs in 14 years. I would recommend it to anyone.”
    -Jim Briggs – Clinton, MO

    “After 30 years of using HIX heat transfer machines in our retail/wholesale shop, we have never considered using anything else. Our machines are used around 8 hours a day, six days a week with a minimum of fuss.”
    -T-Shirt World – Australia

    “We were impressed with the features and quality of HIX equipment. We have been just as impressed with their customer service. Our sales representative is always very patient and helpful. We get good products and good service. HIX delivers!”
    -Robert Blake – Montebello, CA

    “HIX was deemed to have gone that extra step toward incorporating high ethical standards and excellence in day-to-day operations. By recognizing your business philosophy, we are confident others will be inspired to achieve higher levels of excellence and ethics, and the industry as a whole will benefit.”
    -The Press Magazine

  • “The HIX printer is just a better printer than the one we had before. We wanted a second one as soon as we got the first. HIX is very supportive to work with. I think they have an easy sell because it is such good equipment.”
    -Bill Breedlove – Kewanee, IL

    “HIX dryers have been part of my business for 25 years. Things come and go in life and changes in our industry have been plenty in the past 25 years, but every morning I can hear the guys in the shop throw the dryer switch on and I think ‘OK, here we go again!’ and the shirts start to roll down that belt.”
    -Rusell Serrianne – Glens Falls, NY

    “Before we switched to a HIX dryer, we used to cure our garments in a normal dryer, and we were missing something that could take us far ahead with quality printing. After using the HIX dryer, we have never looked back. Our business is thriving and we have just ordered another HIX dryer for our new shop. I would recommend HIX products to anyone.”
    -Ismail Rangari – India

    “HIX products have proven to be reliable and are valuable assets to our company. They have lived up to our strict quality standards and have capably supported our fast growing printing business.”
    -Patrick Chong – Philippines

    “HIX dryers are really great. We have one that isn’t a HIX, but we don’t even use that one anymore.”
    -Rhonda McLaughlin

    “I buy from HIX because of their quality and service. They are a very professional organization.”
    -Jack Phelps

    “No one can compare to HIX. Their printers have faster registration than any on the market. Set up time is cut drastically.”
    -Surf and Ski Enterprises – Mesa, AZ

    “HIX printers are simple to use. I have shopped around and found no comparison. I would buy HIX again.”
    -Don Gibbons – Pine, AZ

    “HIX has the easiest multicolor printer that I have ever used in eight years of printing. There’s no down time, and you can set up 6 colors in 10 minutes.”
    -Totally Palm Springs, Inc. – Palm Springs, CA

    “The HIX printer is fantastic. I recommend the HIX printer to anyone. I don’t know what we would do without it.”
    -Hap’s Screen Printing – Delwein, IA

    “HIX printers have good registration. I have had other printers, but they don’t hold a candle to the HIX printer. If I ever need another printer, I will buy a HIX.”
    -Damar Productions – Kansas City, KS

    “I am sorry I didn’t buy a HIX printer from the beginning. Terrific registration. It was a big mistake to buy any other.”
    -Dotty’s Impressions – New Bedford, MA

    “Since we started up our business, we have always aimed for top quality. For that, you need reliant and efficient equipment, and also good support. When we went from manual to automatic printing, we invested in HIX dryers for all three of our lines – a decision we have never regretted. We know that curing is never a problem and can rely on the production to be kept high and profitable, day after day, year after year.”
    -Lars Pettersson – Sweden

    “I own a 10 year old HIX Big 8 printer and have no complaints with it at all. Does great with spot color, index, and semi process jobs. The registrations have no problem holding up, and the customer service from HIX is extremely good.”
    -Howard Anderson

    “Our HIX dryer is trouble-free. It works 16 hours a day, 5 days a week. No down time in 2 years!”
    -Mitch Fox – Richmond, VA

    “We needed a dryer with superior air flow. Many dryer manufacturers claim their dryers will dry water-based inks, but the HIX dryer is the only one that I have found that does it correctly.”
    -Conny Hansson – Norrkoping, Sweden

    “HIX dryers meet my needs, and I am making a ton of money because of them!”
    -Daryl Werneke – St. Paul, MN

    “HIX dryers are very durable. They are flawless pieces of equipment.”
    -T.J. Laudis –Springfield, MO

    “We use all HIX screen printing equipment. We are happy with HIX products’ quality, efficiency, and service that never let us down.”
    -Raju Pradhan – India

    “HIX dryers have always been good. They are the ‘Cadillac’ of the industry.”
    -Bill Hartman – Haysville, KS

    “I have seen a lot of dryers. None compare to a HIX. We will buy more.”
    -Mary Kenny – Vancouver, British Columbia

    “We have a HIX dryer that is about 15 years old and it still works well. My new 3616 does an excellent job in controlling temperature.”
    -Fred Stone – Woonsocket, RI

    “Superior craftsmanship . . . that makes it evident that it is a HIX! Because from a printer’s viewpoint, everything is considered.”
    -Dean Keller – Kearneyville, WV

    “We bought our first HIX dryer 15 years ago and the second 3 years ago. They have both proven to be very reliable and efficient. Together with the outstanding service, our next dryer will also be a HIX.”
    -Hakan Asplund – Sweden

    “The HIX dryer has performed flawlessly. It maintains a very even temperature and the production has far exceeded expectation.”
    -John Shed – Singapore

    “The HIX Premier 6029 gas dryer is extremely versatile and has handled all types of applications, from water-based reflective inks to high density with excellent cure control. We are very pleased with the capabilities and performance of this dryer. This is an excellent product!”
    -Chris Huitt – National Mills