ExposureUnit TT-180

HIX TT-180D Exposure Unit

Great economic solution for any print shop.

  • Depending on the sensitivity of the emulsion you use, you can still get fast exposures with the HIX TT-180D bar lighting system, which consists of six 30 watt high output Aqua Coral UV florescent lights. Light scatter has always been an issue with bar lighting systems, but the deep draw blanket powered by a 115 Volt vacuum pump holds the art and screen so tight that any undercutting by light is held to a bare minimum. The digital timer and auto-shut off are standard on this unit which will hold screens up to 23” x 31.” The digital timer also ensures more accurate and precise exposure times.

    This digital tabletop unit has all of the standard features, including an auto-reset timer, cycle start switch, separate vacuum, and main power switches.

    • Durable deep draw rubber blanket, easy lift top, and a highly efficient quick draw oil-less vacuum pump
    • Light and compact, this unit can be moved easily in any dynamic work situation
    • Tabletop design measures 40” W x 31”D x 8”H
    • Maximum exposure area: 23” x 31”
    • 6 – 30 watt Aqua Coral UV lamps
    • Auto-reset timer, cycle start switch, vacuum power switch and main power switch
    • Durable deep draw rubber blanket
    • 120v, 5A, 60Hz
    • Vacuum pump: 115v, 3A, 60Hz
    • Optional let kit

  • TT-180D Manual
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